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When it comes to woodwork, many options are available including: new and recycled lumber, modified wood, designer wood, composite and engineered wood materials, modified and termally treated lumber as well as reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed wood and recycled lumber are incredibly popular for wood siding and wood cladding wall projects as well as custom wood furniture.

Below you will learn some basics about the most popular wood options. Each type of wood is typcially available in a variety of grades to not only accommodate your performance needs but stay within budget.

Accoya Wood Custom Wood Bartop Lincoln Beer Company


Accoya is a brand of wood that has been specially treated through an acetylation process, which alters the cell structure of the wood, not only improving its technical properties, but making it stronger, more durable, longer lasting and resistant to the natural elements.

Traditional wood absorbs and releases moisture as weather conditions change causing it to expand and contract. Over time this will impact the service life of any project made of wood, no matter how well you maintain it.

The Accoya brand of wood and it’s extensive acetylation process takes the naturally occurring chemical groups found in wood and alters them, changing the structure of the existing free hydroxyl groups, thereby preventing it from absorbing moisture and in turn preventing any structure built from Accoya from typical expansion and contraction caused by exposure to the outdoors.

Hard to believe right?

We thought so too, so we decided it was time to put the manufacturer’s claims to the test with a demonstration video you can see below and be sure to check out the photo gallery of our most recent custom woodworking project using Accoya at the Lincoln Beer Company.

Cedar Wood is sourced from a variety of trees known as “Cedars,” which grow in various parts of the world. Each have their own use and selling features and many are preferred because they are both dense and lightweight. One of the most popular choices for building fences, gates or decks is Atlantic White Cedar. We are happy to create your wood based installation using any type of cedar wood you prefer and can help guide you to the right type if you need some assistance.

Also known as “Engineered Wood”, this cost-friendly alternative is especially easy with up-keep. Because it is not affected by moisture, it is easy to clean and virtually weather resisitant. Unlike solid wood planks, which will expand and contract with heat and humidity, it is made using a special bonding process including wood fibers, stone dust and other materials which are combined under extreme heat. Made to resemble the look and feel of real wood and available in a wide variety of design styles and colors, it is the perfect alternative to real wood for any area of your home that experiences extreme moisture and will still add to the value of your property.

Popular brands of these types of composite and engineered woods include TimberTech and Trex


Pronounced “E-Pay” and also known as “Iron Wood,” this Tropical Brazilian wood is one of the longest lasting available. Water and heat have hardly any effect and warping is not an issue. Not only is it naturally resistant to what the Southern California climate can throw at it, IPE is so dense it can resist insects and wood rot. Decks, Fencing and Fixtures made of IPE have a reputation of lasting upwards of twenty years or more! Strong and beautiful with natural colors of light brown, dark brown, yellow tones and hints of green. Installations using IPE are not only resilient they are incredibly versatile and breathtaking when finished.


Be sure to check out the Project Showcase photo slideshow videos for IPE Wood decking we have built for customers like these large decks at a residence in Bel Air and this smaller IPE deck at a residence in Los Feliz.

This brand of exotic wood from Kayu ® International is available in a variety of colors and tones including dark red hues, exotic mahogany, warm golden tones, rich dark or light browns and even vibrant hints of green. Kayu is sourced from all around the globe and even though it is all the same material but no two planks alike, which make it a perfect choice for our unique custom woodwork creations. Many of our clients who are on a budget choose Kayu wood as an option who want the look of IPE, but cannot afford it. Kayu is gorgeous and can last a long time with proper care and maintenance and the team at Olis Wood, Inc. will be happy to impart the knowledge to you on how to care for your new wood installation once it is complete or set up a maintenance schedule in the coming years to ensure the longevity of your investment.

Kayu is one of the most popular choices for many of our valued customers as you can see with this PHOTO GALLERY of a Custom Wood Fence & matching pedestrian gate we built and installed for a residence in La Crescenta using Gold Kayu. 

This brand of hardwood from Tata Enterprises, Inc. is available in a variety of base colors including Mangaris Red, Mangaris Gold, and Mangaris Diamond. These woods are naturally hard and tight with interlocking grains making them resilient to the elements and rot resistant. Mangaris hardwood can be stained to match a specific color you are looking for or allowed to weather naturally, which results in a beautiful silver grey finish.

This legendary hardwood is a softer wood option that is naturally reddish in color, but can have variants of gold and deep auburn. Every redwood board is unique and it’s own natural work of art created by nature that simply cannot be matched by manufactured alternatives. One look at a fence, gate, deck, patio or pergola made of redwood and it will speak for itself. It is durable, and naturally has absorbent qualities which allow it to hold up better than other woods in humid or wet environments. Installations using redwood shrink and swell much less than other woods so they are less likely to warp, split or crack. This tried and true favorite among homeowners and contractors is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Another popular hardwood sourced from tropical regions of Asia and perfectly suited for the outdoors or any environment of your property that has a lot of moisture. Naturally heat and water resistant, fixtures made of teak such as decking or a water feature will hold up for many years with proper care and maintenance. Teak is also a popular wood option for outdoor furniture by the pool or anywhere that weather resistance is desired such as raised bed wood garden planters.

Thermory is a brand of thermally-modified wood. Ideal for outdoor projects like wood decking, Thermory looks similar to Tropical hardwoods such as IPE or Teak, but is sustainably sourced from American Ash trees, making it an environmentally friendly go to option for outdoor woodwork.

The process was developed in Europe and is all natural using heat and steam to enhance the wood’s durability and make it resistant to rot and decay.

Thermory’s rich and vibrant natural brown tones can be treated and maintained with standard decking oil, or it can be left untreated and will age to a charming silver-grey color.



Learn about what makes the Accoya Wood brand of modified and thermally treated lumber so special in this brief demonstration video where we put the Accoya Wood manufacturer’s claims to the test!

Got Wood?

Olis Wood, Inc.  loves working with reclaimed wood, as well as recycled or repurposed lumber and materials left over from other projects to avoid waste.

Not only is this environementally friendly, the finished design is always unique and completely you!

Whether you have your own materials or need our help in sourcing the perfect lumber, we are here to help you every step of the way in your next wood working projects.

Check out the photo gallery of one of our latest projects for Kai Poke restaurant in Woodland Hills.