Wood Fencing + Wooden Gates

Wood Fencing & Gates

Wood Fencing and Wooden Gates are an Olis Wood speciality. We do all types of fences and gates for both commercial and residential construction projects including:

Privacy Fences – Boundary Fences – Property Fences – Garden Fences – Security & Safety Fences – Decorative and Ornamental Fences

Securtiy Gates – Automatic Entry Gates – Automatic Driveway Gates – Manual Entry Gates – Manual Driveway Gates

Pedestrian Gates – Enclosure Fences and More!

Our Basic Black Fence provides privacy around your home with a contemporary look that perfectly blends the beauty of nature in your modern space; clean, elegant, timeless.

Wood Enclosure Fences are the perfect way to obscure sections of your yard which you would prefer guests not to see, such as a pool pump motor or equipment.

Combination Fencing that blends the beauty of wood into your modern world wiht metal or wrought iron elements. These wood and iron gates can be custom designed and built to suit your personal taste.

Decorative & Ornamental Wood Fencing is the perfect way to section off areas of your yard or property while making a unique, artistic statement to guests and visitors.

We are passionate about these types of custom wood fencing projects that allow us to collaborate with our clients to achieve the vision they bring us.

Wood Privacy Fencing

Wood Fencing with Entry Gate 

Two Door Wood Entry Gate .

Wood Property Line Fencing




Looking for a beautiful wood fence, privacy screen or privacy fencing? We at Olis Wood, Inc. design and build custom wood fences, wooden gates, as well as combination wood & wrought iron gates and fences that reflect the architectural style of your home. Whether you have a Spanish bungalow, cozy cabin, a Craftsman home, a classic mid-centry style home or something more contemporary, we can build exactly what you are looking for.

Our passion is to focus on building structures that are not only beautiful, but also an excellent value for the money you are investing. Our wood gates and wooden fencing are built to stand the test of time and resist the sometimes crazy weather Southern California is known for.

With the right craftsmanship, building techniques and proper care instruction once the job is completed, your wooden fence and/or gate can last 5, 10, even 15 years or more.

Quality of construction, materials, and professionals operating at every level of the company are what set Olis Wood, Inc. apart from the competion. We believe that your dream home and the way you secure your family should reflect not only the style of your property and neighborhood, but also the people who reside there. We create unique wood fences and gates designed for each client.

Finished materials and design style options are limitless! We are only confined to boundaries of your imagination and budget. We are happy to go the extra mile to keep you involved in every step of the way in achieving your dream home.


Custom Residential Wood Fencing and Wood Gates

Commercial + Residential

In this gallery you will see a sampling of our custom wood fencing and wood gates. From a classic farm-style property fence to a fully motorized wood and wrought iron entry gate, Olis Wood, Inc.